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Chi Of The Vampire !FREE!

Kuei-jin are the vampires of East and Southeast Asia, the karmically cursed outcasts dwelling on the Middle Kingdom's fringes. Other terms to describe them include Wan Kuei, Wan Xian, Gui Ren, asuratizayya (in India), or simply the "Hungry Dead".

Chi Of The Vampire

Since that time, the Wan Kuei, the fallen Wan Xian, have developed a redemptory religion while occupying an ecological niche akin to Western vampires. There are many paths initially ascribed to Xue, the Grand Arhat of the dead. However, the road to the Hundred Clouds is long, and the Kuei-jin are ultimately forced to stay on the Wheel of Ages as history slowly grinds towards the inevitable victory of hell and the rise of the Demon Emperor.

Kuei-jin are not created through the act of another, like western vampires are, and their numbers are limited and can not be easily replenished. Their blood has no supernatural properties of its own and cannot create Blood Bonds or ghouls.

A stake through the heart does not automatically paralyze a Kuei-jin. However, the heart is instrumental in processing Chi energy, and certain types of attacks can disrupt the Chi flow in a Kuei-jin's body. Vampires of Yin prove vulnerable to wood, the element of Yang; conversely, vampires of Yang are vulnerable to metal, the element of Yin.

Unlike the relatively anarchic Kindred, Cathayans have an elaborate society and governmental system which each vampire is expected (or more accurately, required) to join. As a result, the training for a Kuei-jin is much longer than the expected training period for the undead, and the Kuei-jin are quite willing to execute any prospective candidate who fails their tests. In the modern era, this training is even more extensive to rub off some of the Western taint. A newly reborn vampire can expect to learn etiquette, politics, the use of disciplines, silent feeding, poetry, and the elaborate Kaja script.

For the children of Caine, the Kuei-jin are a conundrum. They are close enough to them to be classified as vampires, but different enough that they warrant a whole new category for themselves. Until recently, the two supernatural races were content with avoiding each other, although there were always populations of Cainites within the Middle Kingdom that managed to coexist with the Kuei-jin. Most assumed that the orientals were merely exotic bloodlines of one of their own Clans.

While the werewolves of the west rarely care to differentiate between a Kuei-jin and a vampire, the Hengeyokai are often forced into contact with them. The Beast Courts keep up formal, if not warm, relations with the Kuei-jin; although these walking corpses are certainly vile, they do have their purpose under Heaven. Some Dharmas, like the Dance of the Thrashing Dragon, are accorded with more respect than others (like the Devil-Tigers).

The Technocratic Union has the same modus operandi they have when dealing with Western vampires. Since the Kuei-jin pose no threat to the Masses and manage to conceal themselves just fine, most Technocrats are willing to live and let live.

Absorbing too much chi for too long results in chi imbalance, where the vampire is subject to permanent changes. Vampires with an excess of Yin become more corpselike, adopting the frightening appearance of a ch'ing shih. Vampires with too much Yang become too lively - a host for diseases and possibly also children.

Kuei-jin are not created through the act of another, like western vampires are, and their numbers are limited and cannot be easily replenished. Their blood has no supernatural properties of its own and cannot create Blood Bonds or ghouls.

In an abandoned castle where Uncle was acquiring rare antiques, Jade accidentally awakens the Jiangshi, which sucks out her, Tohru's and Uncle's chi. In a chi transfusion (similar to a blood transfusion, but different), Tohru gets a part of Jade's and Jade a part of Uncle's, making the recipient behave much like the donor. But when Uncle himself is affected, no one is available to effect the magic for the transfer, and so Uncle becomes a vampire slave.

The only way to reclaim the chi is to find a toadstool in a graveyard, place it in the vampire's left sock, and throw it into a river before sunrise; otherwise, the chi will remain lost forever. The Jiangshi sets out to stop the Chans as soon as it learns of their intentions, but loses its socks and the chi it stole. As the sun rises, the Jiangshi is blasted into dust.

During a stormy night, two babies are born. Both babies have an amnion attached to their bodies. The baby with the white-colored amnion is destined to become a guardian while the baby with the red-colored amnion is destined to become the guardian's vampire nemesis.

The village is plagued by vampire attacks. The first victim is a young girl named Mary Fraise. Her corpse is found laying in bed with two teeth marks visible on her neck. When Dean and Elizabeth head to the house of the village chief they overhear a conversation between Mary's father, Ronto, and an old man named Emil Moron. Ronto accuses Emil of drinking his daughter's blood, much to the shock of Elizabeth. The village chief explains to them that the village has an old legend that says drinking blood results in immortality. Remembering this legend, Emil drank a little bit of Mary's blood, hoping that it would extend his life. Soon afterwards, Mary's body mysteriously disappears. Pierre urges the villagers to let themselves turn into vampires so that they all will have eternal life.

The second victim is Cil Vink. Her body is burned so that she won't come back as a vampire. During the cremation, the village elder tells him about Simon Belmont, a legendary vampire hunter who they worship as a god. He has a whip that turns a vampire, when stricken with it, to ash. It is said that he will appear when the village is in peril. As Dean reflects on what transpired that day, he suddenly hears a woman's scream. Flash forwarding to the future, Dean is in search for Simon Belmont. Elizabeth follows him but her arms are tied up by a rope. He asks Elizabeth if she is hungry, and then proceeds to cut his own wrist and feed her his blood, revealing she too has fallen victim to the vampires.

Dean reflects on the night after Cil Vink's body was burned. Dean decides to look around the village at night in order to search for Simon Belmont. He hears a scream and rushes back to the church. There finds Elizabeth's lifeless body on the ground with bite marks in her neck. Dean then collapses. The next morning, he decides to hide the fact that Elizabeth was attacked in order to prevent her body from being cremated as well. Dean shows Pierre Elizabeth body, and he tells him to wait until night time, so that Elizabeth will gain new life. Dean then goes to the house of the village elder. There they discuss how to handle the situation. Dean explains they need to use a stake made of the crataegus cuneata to defeat the vampires. They then go in search for the vampires along with three other villagers. They eventually find Mary Fraise's body in a hole under a tree. Because it's day time, her body is lying in comatose sleep. They drag her body out of the hole, and Dean then proceeds to drive a stake through her heart. The vampire then suddenly moves her body up.

User with this power is a true vampire, a vampire that has always been a vampire whether born or created as the first of their kind. They are usually very powerful, elegant and beautiful. This causes most true vampires to look down on those who were turned, viewing them as lesser beings. In most cases this haughty attitude is somewhat justified given that most true vampires will be more powerful than their turned counterparts. Some will even be free of the vampiric weaknesses that converted vampires have. Some true vampires may have the potential to be transcendent while others are not, however most will undoubtedly be paragons of their own species because of their purity.

Thanks for this article, Anthony! It helped me to realize that I am experiencing this very phenomenon in my inner circle, without taking an active approach to counter it. Now I have the toolkit to start repelling the vampire, and hopefully guide them to mindfulness, as well!

Likewise, Comitee to Protect Journalists lists 56 journalists killed between 1992 and 2015 of which 36 murdered, 32 with impunity: Bad indeed, but not hundreds murdered at behest of the Kremlin vampire, as alleged by Mr. Panchuk.

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