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Qoma UPD

Drawing parallels between the fictional cities and the real world1.Language of ul qoma - Hebrew looking2.The ancient archaeological site well guarded - Solomon 's temple 3.The organized soldiers of Ul-qoma- Israeli defense Force4.The high tech scientists working confidentially - Israeli especially their accents.5.The highly well organized security at borders - Israeli like which is only seen in Israel today6.American students in Ul-Qoma- wouldn't see in Palestine


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The ill developed city shows the same image as an occupied landPeople from Beszel working for better opportunities in Ul-qoma-- shows you something about areas where Israelis and Palestinians co exist.its not all war as media paints.

peace will never come to both cities as Ul-qoma has chose to accept the problems and ignore them completely. While Beszel has chosen to dwell in their hate and continue to be exploited by people SEAR AND CORE ( who don't want peace in any shape and form between two cities ) who they think will bring peace to them ( they talk to Americans for peace treaties at Camp David) 041b061a72

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