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Adobe Flash Player For Mac Os X 10.7.5

Since installing Lion, I am unable to click anything inside the adobe flash player settings box when trying to integrate my webcam in websites that use this technology. For my work, this is a functionality i need, which works just like you see in Chatroulette, etc. Adobe released a Known Issues article, but does anyone know when they are going to fix this??

Adobe Flash Player For Mac Os X 10.7.5


Never got any feedback on this issue. I still see a message on the adobe downloads page saying that they are working with apple to fix adobe flash player issues. Anyone know when this will be resolved?

problem: 2 days ago I was asked to update my flash player because my version is outdated. failed to install latest version of flash player 16 (also failed with older versions). system requirements should be ok, though

I try to install and it installs up to 29%, or 35%, or 36%. Mine has been doing this for a week. I wish some tech people from Adobe would read these and fix this! I can't watch YouTube or any other flash video. Pisses me off that we are forced into Adobe and thus forced to wait on them to act! Any other options for flash players that aren't Adobe? I assume the video would have to be in that other format? Back to square one.

AdobePDFViewer.pluginEPPEX Plugin.pluginFlash Player.pluginflashplayer.xptFlip4Mac WMV Plugin.pluginJavaAppletPlugin.pluginnsIQTScriptablePlugin.xptQuartz Composer.webpluginQuickTime Plugin.pluginSharePointBrowserPlugin.pluginSharePointWebKitPlugin.webplugin

This is a long thread. Am I missing something? I installed the install_flash_player ppapi.exe and got confirmation that it was installed, but when I go to the Adobe test page ( ), it is still showing the original that installs with 49.0.2623.112.

First close Google Chrome, copy from "%windir%\system32\Macromed\Flash" the files "pepflashplayer32_24_0_0_186.dll" and "manifest.json" to the User Profile from Google Chrome" \Documents and Settings\$USER$\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\\"and rename "pepflashplayer32_24_0_0_186.dll" to "pepflashplayer.dll". Starting Google Chrome again.

NOTE: Results may vary depending on the software that is being installed. Some applications may need to be repackaged in order to be installed successfully due to how the installer was built by the software developer. Most Adobe products are an example of ones that need to be repackaged. An example of this can be found here: -mac-installing-adobe-flash-player-through-a-managed-install-in-os-x

Ugh - just a heads up to the nation. I went to download Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.146 today from, and rather than getting the standard disk image from Adobe, you now get this garbage Google Chrome install option that you have to uncheck, along with the a 'new and improved' Flash Player installer that has to download a payload from the Internet, and will fail if you don't close Safari first before it begins it's install. This is in comparison to a regular DMG you could just click and install in the past (and extract a .pkg from by just examining the contents of the installer executable.)

Apply to distribute flash from adobes website and they will give you a dmg with a installer app. Once you open the package contents of that app, there is a pkg file that can be used for deployment through casper admin. I applied and was automatically approved, receiving the email within a matter of minutes. We had this rolled out to our students within an hour after it took place.

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