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Driver San Francisco Demo Download Xbox 360

I downloaded the demo on the Xbox 360 with fingers crossed. The first game was one of my favorites on the original PlayStation (I still have my copy on my shelf, and have even bought the iPhone port). It was an exciting game that let me recreate the best car chases of all time, and make a few of my own. I tried Driver 2 and Driver 3, and they just weren't the same, filled with poor gameplay choices and glitches. But after watching the opening trailer for the newest game, Driver: San Francisco this weekend, I got my hopes up.

Driver San Francisco Demo Download Xbox 360

The demo provides three missions to show off three aspects of the game. Upon entering my first mission, I was reminded that Driver: San Francisco has a new gimmick, one I'm still uncertain if I like. It is a new feature called "Shift," where you press a button and you can literally "Shift" Tanner, the main character of the Driver series, into other driver's bodies and control their cars. The entire concept is ludicrous, but the game plays it off with such a straight face that it actually becomes a somewhat amusing concept. Still, the gameplay works as you shift into other cars and take control. Somehow, Tanner's car ghosts the car you enter and keeps pace as you race around the city in this poor other soul's body. The mission was amusing, but one thing stood out, no matter which car I entered, the cars all seemed a bit floaty, and this would go on to plague the remainder of the demo. Still, the missions given were not really affected by the somewhat annoying turning styles of the cars and they were all beatable without any major frustration.

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced what new PlayStation Network downloadable games, expansions, demos and videos were released for PlayStation 3 and PSP this week in America and Europe.

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