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What Is The Best Car To Buy In 2015

The U.S. News 2015 Best Cars for the Money awards help take the guesswork out of car shopping by highlighting the cars, trucks and SUVs with the best combination of positive reviews and long-term ownership costs in 21 different automotive classes.

what is the best car to buy in 2015

The Best Cars for the Money awards cover 21 different automotive categories, so it's easy to find a great car that's also a great value and works for your lifestyle. If you're in the market for a new car, truck or SUV, the 2015 Best Cars for the Money award winners make excellent choices.

See photos of the 2015 Best Cars for the Money and also check out the U.S. News Best Car Rankings for a complete list of the best cars on the market. If you want a great deal on a new car, check out our Best Price Program.

EDITOR'S NOTE, Sept 2015: The unfolding of the Volkswagen TDI diesel-emission cheating scandal, first revealed September 19th, has rocked the auto industry and caused many sites to reassess awards given to the 2015 VW Golf lineup.

We debated this issue, and have decided to leave the award in place--for now. Among other things, we're waiting to see if the urea-equipped 2015 Golf TDI models can be easily and quickly modified to comply with emission standards without losing appreciable performance.

Comfortable, reliable and a proven value, the Toyota Camry wins praise from our editors and number-crunchers for many of the same reasons car shoppers make it the best-selling car in America year after year.

Already a category standout and one of the best-selling cars in the country, the Honda CR-V was made even better for 2015. In addition to topping our list of 10 Best SUVs Under $25,000, the updated CR-V was named our first-ever Small SUV Best Buy in 2015.

The best green cars to enter the market this year come from a wide variety of automakers, from luxury brands like Audi to reliable, budget-friendly makes like Honda and Kia. Which new car will come out on top?

To be eligible for consideration, a car must be available for purchase in North America by April 2015. At least one High Gear Media editor--and ideally several of us--must have driven and reviewed it by December 1, 2014.

Once again our team of experienced road testers has run the rule over every newcomer, testing more than 300 new models over the past year. And over these pages we celebrate the best of the best, as we name the standout performers in our annual New Car Awards in association with Warrantywise.

On this page you can discover the best cars in each of our awards categories and the overall winner of the Auto Express Car of the Year title for 2015. You'll also find special awards for the Car Design of the Year (sponsored by Lister cars) and the Car Advertising Campaign of the Year that were voted for by Auto Express readers.

There's a special award for the best car brand on Social Media and one for the best in-car technology innovation. Finally, we celebrate the best performers in the 2015 instalment of our Driver Power customer satisfaction survey and admit two new entrants to the Auto Express Hall of Fame.

The S60 is on the small side for a mid-size sedan, but it has a stylish premium look and upscale interior. The 2013-15 model year offered a buffet of choices in trim levels and options, as well as four-, five- or six-cylinder engines and a choice of front- or AWD; the link below will show you the powertrains options and feature availability by model year. These cars are also among the first to have standard low-speed automatic emergency braking, and 2013-2015 models earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ designation.

Kia redesigned the mid-size Sorento for 2016, but it remained bigger than most two-row rivals and smaller than most three-rows. It offered a small third-row option to increase seating to seven (that space was best left to kids), and it left very little cargo space when occupied. Space was plentiful in the first two rows, however. The Sorento is a quiet SUV with a comfortable balance of ride and handling. Three engines were offered for 2016: a conventional four-cylinder, a turbo four-cylinder or a V-6. AWD was available, though not on the base L trim. A backup camera was standard on all but the L trim, and a 360-degree camera system was optional for the top SX Limited. Forward collision warning was optional, not standard, on the 2016 Sorento, though that was enough to earn then-less-stringent IIHS awards.

The Ford Focus is a solid option for buying used cars. This sporty yet budget-friendly hatchback is a popular choice for first-time car buyers/owners. Although the Ford Focus is a best-seller, it has its fair share of reliability issues.

When you shop for a new or used car, CoPilot helps you know more. We search every car at every dealer so you don't have to, we give you data and insights you won't find anywhere else, and we rank every car so it's easy to find the best car at the best price.

The 2015 Australia's Best Cars Awards winners have been announced, with a total of 15 cars judged to be the top in their respective categories in the country.The awards are conducted by expert judges from auto clubs around Australia.In addition to the 15 category winners listed below, Australia's Best Cars also selects one winner as the Judges' Choice. This award recognises an affordable vehicle (priced under the luxury car tax threshold) that has made the greatest contribution to the Australian market or is deemed by the judges as the stand-out winner either through its technology, safety, innovation or ability to meet or exceed consumer expectations. It must offer good fuel efficiency relative to its class and perform its intended function well.In total, 180 cars were assessed throughout 2015 and, of these, 45 finalists were chosen to undergo rigorous road tests over five days. Factors such as running and repair costs, fuel consumption, depreciation and safety were all taken into consideration when selecting the winners.The result is the nation's most comprehensive guide to buying the best new car. Whether you're looking for a micro city car, a sports car or a dual cab ute, Australia's Best Cars will help ensure you make an informed decision when you buy your next car.

If you're shopping for a new or used car in today's difficult marketplace, please see "Car Buying Tips for 2022" for our experts' targeted, data-driven advice. Note that the article below was originally written before the chip shortage when vehicle prices were relatively stable and predictable. If the shortages continue, there may be a so-called "best time to buy" for the foreseeable future. The best time in the current market is when you find a dealer that has the vehicle you want and is willing to sell it to you at MSRP or better, without any additional options that you may not need.

Buyers are always looking for a way to game the system and save money on major purchases. Much of this thinking revolves around zeroing in on the best time to purchase a particular item. Need a new TV? Shop on Black Friday or around the Super Bowl. Need a new winter coat? Shop in January.

It's no different for cars. Ask anyone, "When is the best time to buy a car?" and you'll get answers ranging from the end of the month to "wait until the new models come out." There are as many theories on this topic as there are days in the year. And, oddly enough, there is a grain of truth to many of them.

Simply put, here's our advice: The best time to buy a car is when you need it and feel ready to buy, regardless of the time of year. Car buying can be stressful, and it can take more than a month to go from deciding what to buy to actually closing the deal. Why add to that pressure by trying to squeeze your shopping into a certain day of the week or a holiday weekend when everyone has the same idea?

While the data shows that December is the best time of the year to buy, there are also a few other viable months. In other words, if you need a car in January, there's no need to wait 11 months to get a good deal.

If you need a car in October and want to get the best deal, you might want to wait until December, even though you'll run the risk of having fewer cars to choose from. Waiting will give you more time to do more research on the right car for you. You'll also be able to gather more price quotes.

Labor Day: This holiday is the sweet spot in terms of selection and competitive pricing. It's not the very best of the year in terms of savings, but you'll have more vehicles to choose from than if you waited for the year-end deals.

As we've noted, you'll find many opportunities throughout the year to get a great deal on a new car. Ultimately, the best time to get a new car is when you need one and only after you have completed your research.

You can't go too far back in terms of age if you want to find an F-150 that can make this list. Nevertheless, it is possible with the 2015 model that comes with the smaller Ecoboost engine. The impressive thing is it still makes more than 300 horsepower while managing the low cost and decent mpg. F-150s have been known to be the best trucks on the market, so for some consumers, the decision has already been made for them.

Diving back into Tacoma territory is the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. Out of its 2.5-liter inline-four engine, the Colorado gets just 200 modest horsepower which is more than the Toyota but less than the RAM, however, the Colorado gets a whole 27 mpg on the highway.

In my opinion, the best car for a new driver is the safest car you can afford. The safest cars are the heaviest cars with the most safety features, especially active safety features like automatic braking and driver-assist features. The safest cars are also highly rated in front, side and rear crash tests as well as rollover likelihood. Why is this so important?

To save you the time I spent researching and help get you started, the tables below show the IIHS Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ for each year from 2015-2021. The IIHS website has Top Safety Picks for every year back to 2006 if you want to explore model years prior to 2015. 041b061a72

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