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Debreasting A Girl 12 1

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debreasting a girl 12 1

(A) Preoperative, and (B), 1-week postoperative photographs. Virginal (juvenile) breast hypertrophy in a 14-year-old girl. Reduction mammoplasty was performed. Recurrence of breast hypertrophy and mastalgia was observed 2 months after surgery. Tamoxifen was initiated and stabilization of breast growth has been observed. No additional surgery has been performed.

I've been paying some amazing digital artists to turn my gory ideas into glorious 3d art for years now. But, a few months back, I finally decided to give the Daz3d program a go and try making my own 3d renders.So, I did the free-download & install thing and, well, got to it.My goal was, and still is, to be able to create new characters for my Gambling Den gore game for the player to interact with and carve up.And, also, to be able to take whatever twisted ideas were bouncing around in my head and turn them into visuals. Mostly visuals of huge-breasted girls getting carved up, but maybe some other stuff too.At any rate, it has been about 3 months now and, well, things are... coming along?

To be a thing, a morsel, to be nothing more than a meal.A delicious, toned, and unbelievably sexy meal she thought, smiling proudly. Which is why, as she reached for the doorknob, she glanced at some of the cameras around her place that were recording her every movement. It would be her greatest, and last, performance and, she smirked, would blow away everything she had ever done. Taking the round metal doorknob in one hand she smiled, knowing she was about to make history, and turned the knob."Delivery for a miss-Oh wow!" The cute, blonde, delivery girl blurted as her eyes rose from her clipboard to Lindi's stunning, and completely naked, physique. "Ah-er..." She muttered, blushing as she tried to drag her eyes away from Lindi's gorgeous breasts.Behind the girl, in the dimly lit hallway, a gigantic serpent flicked its tongue out to taste the air as it slithered towards Lindi's open door."Yes, it's for me." Lindi nodded, reflexively thrusting her huge breasts out as they caught the girl's eye. "And, it is hungry, yes?" She asked, stepping to one side as the huge serpent slithered into her home."Oh! Um, yes. It is scheduled for a feeding and... damn your tits..." The delivery girl muttered, gaze locked on Lindi's ripe breasts and the metal bars piercing her nipples."Hmmm?" Lindi remarked, following the delivery girl's gaze to her stiff-nippled breasts as the tail of the massive serpent, easily 40' long, slithered through her doorway."I am SO sorry about that, totally inappropriate." The delivery girl blurted, blushing as she apologized."Ha-ha! Don't worry, I love showing them off and having people... well, you could play with them if you'd like..." Lindi offered, taking a step back into her living room and shoving her chest out to offer-up her breasts to the pretty girl. All in full view of the whirring cameras."Ohhh... Oh damn, yeah!" The delivery girl groaned, eyes wide as her clipboard clattered to the floor as she, and her outstretched hands, advanced on Lindi's ripe breasts."Mmm... Oh yes, enjoy them..." Lindi moaned with pleasure as her breasts were groped and squeezed by the pretty girl. Then she gasped as the blonde girl kissed and sucked on her left nipple, working the metal bar with her tongue and gently nipping at the tender nub. Luxuriating in having her body, and her huge breasts, used Lindi purred and writhed sensually until a sibilant hiss from the enormous serpent drew her attention back to her other, hungrier, guest."Erm, ohhh... thank you?" The delivery girl moaned, licking the drool from her lips as she rose up from Lindi's breasts."Oh, absolutely my pleasure." Lindi smiled, leaning in and giving the pretty blonde a kiss on the lips. "But, time for me to feed my house guest." She smiled, looking back at the great serpent winding its way through her living room. "You're welcome to stay and watch if you'd like." She offered, caressing the girl's cheek before turning to face the giant, hungry, snake and striding her naked self up to the grey couch it was coiled atop.Feeling a thrill course through her gorgeous body as the snake stared at her, Lindi blew it a kiss."Time for your meal you gorgeous creature?" Lindi cooed, running her hands down her body and feeling a thrumming eagerness as she presented herself as food to a creature that she knew had every intention of devouring her body.Moaning as the snake flicked its tongue across her great big breasts, Lindi thrust the globes out and slid one hand between her thighs as the serpent's tongue caressed her breast, her tender nipples, and teased at her full lips."Ohhh... This will be glorious." Lindi moaned, stretching her arms up above her and rolling her hips as she presented herself to the enormous serpent and its questing tongue. "Ohhh? Opening wide for your dinner? Good, good, let's get this show on the road." Lindi purred, dropping gracefully to the floor and writhing sensually, her long raven hair splaying out around her handsome face, as she lifted her legs up and presented her bare feet to the snake.The serpent paused for a moment, tongue flicking across the soles of Lindi's feet and stroking her toes, then it inched back, quivered with tension, and lunged forward with its maw open wide!"Unnh! Oh yes!" Lindi cried as her feet slid into the snake's moist maw, followed by her toned legs to the mid-thigh. She grunted as she felt the snake's modest teeth pierce her tanned skin and grip her thighs, ensuring she didn't wriggle free of the giant predator. Feeling it finally happening, her gorgeous body being consumed like the prey she knew it was, Lindi gave a lusty moan and ran her hands across her body - stroking her smooth skin and squeezing her breasts as she was slowly consumed.Shifting its huge form to line its throat up with Lindi's gorgeous body, the serpent opened its maw and advanced on her figure - its pulsing throat muscles pulling her legs deeper into it as it worked to swallow its delicious meal.Feeling herself sink deeper into the snake's moist throat, Lindi moaned and writhed as its muscles massaged her thighs and slowly pulled her body into its hungry maw. The pricks of its backwards-facing teeth sent electric tingles through her body as they gripped her legs, walking up the toned muscles of her thighs as she was inched into the snake. The flicking of the snake's forked tongue at the heat of her pussy made her gasp with lust, her toned abs tightening deliciously as her hips shuddered."Mmm... Oh you hungry beast," Lindi panted, "I'm all yours and I love how it feels as you devour me like prey..." She moaned.Lust, and a primal satisfaction at being taken by a predator, coursed through Lindi's sculpted body as the snake's jaws hungrily embraced her broad hips and rounded ass."Yes! Oh! Do it! Eat my pussy, devour my ass and take me!" Lindi cried out, voice rich with lust as she arched herself up off the floor and into the huge snake's gullet. Its jaws unhinged themselves and enveloped her ample hips, swallowing them down and into its moist throat as it continued working its way up her body.Feeling her hips slide into the hungry snake, Lindi groaned with lust as salive coursed over her throbbing pussy and the snake's tongue slithered between her thighs and across the nub of her pulsing clit."UNnnnNHH!!" Lindi cried out as the slithering tongue stroked her into a roiling orgasm that blossomed in her pussy and radiated out through her body like a wave of white heat. Clenching her teeth and rolling her hips as the pleasure rippled through her, Lindi shuddered in orgasm as the snake's maw pulled her deeper into it until the serpent's nose nudged into the undersides of her huge breasts.Purring with insensate pleasure, Lindi could do little more than writhe on the floor as the snake's nose forced her breasts up, pushing and jostling the huge orbs as it took her smoothly-muscled body deeper into itself."OHhhh... So good..." Lindi moaned as her wits recovered from the wave of orgasmic pleasure. "Mmm... want some help with those?" She cooed, smirking as she stared past her huge boobs at the snake's maw.Caressing her meaty breasts, Lindi eased them out of the way of the huge snake as it worked its nose up her chest. Then, as it neared the top of her sternum, she massaged her boobs, one at a time, into the snake's jaw."Here you go, how do they t-Ahh!" Lindi hissed in pain as the snake's teeth dug into her tender nipple. "Ohhh... that hurts so good..." She moaned, biting her lip at the pricking pain in her right breast, then she blew a kiss at the huge serpent and began massaging her left breast into its maw to join her right. "Here you go you big beast. Sink those teeth into this one too and hurt me like the prey I am."Thrusting itself forward and working its distended jaw, the snake enveloped Lindi's other breast and forced its nose up to her throat. Grunting at the prickling at the base her her neck, Lindi splayed her arms out across the floor behind her gorgeous face in surrender and smiled beautifically down at the monstrous serpent as it swallowed her."Almost done you magnificent specimen." Lindi cooed, gasping as the snake's teeth scraped their way up her throat. "Oh yes," she breathed, the submissive thrill of being prey, mere food, for the huge serpent sending thrills through her body, "yes do it, finish me off you sexy monster..."Moaning with pleasure, Lindi tilted her head back and gasped as the snake's throat pulsed and pulled her deeper in to where her shoulders were squeezing into its throat and her vision included the inside of its great maw.Licking her lips and locking her gaze on the quietly masturbating delivery girl by the door, Lindi smiled."Thank you..." She breathed, blowing the girl a kiss and smirking at the unmistakable orgasmic shudder, Lindi closed her eyes and focused on her own pleasure as her delicious body was squeezed and massaged into the belly of the giant serpent.Calves tingling and toes starting to burn...Thighs rubbing together, wrapped and held...Hips squeezed, hard, and feeling the muscles of the snake pulse...Chest snugly wrapped by the moist throat and nipples tingling as saliva moistened the marks from the snake's teeth...Warm breath across her face as the snake exhaled and swallowed her down, leaving her seeing only a small window out of its maw and to the world...Hands clenching and writhing, fingers sensually tangled in her own tumbling dark locks...Darkness enveloping her as, with another pulse of its muscular body, the snake pulled Lindi down into it, closing its jaws and leaving only her trailing forearms and some hair spilling from its mouth.Giving a groan that was muffled by the body of the great serpent, Lindi felt her body exult in surrendering to the huge serpent. Slipping into its belly, gorgeous body nothing but food, felt so right to her. Giving a final wave to the blonde delivery girl, the cameras, and the world, Lindi relaxed and let herself be swallowed - a final gulp slurping even her hands and hair into the maw of the giant snake.***"Oh wow..." The blonde delivery girl breathed, eyes wide as she watched the last of the gorgeous raven-haired beauty vanish into the hungry snake. Pulling her dripping fingers out of herself she shuddered and tried to compose herself as she watched the bulge of the busty beauty slide down the throat of the huge snake and deeper into its belly.Tapping a timer on her phone app to give the snake 10 minutes to finish swallowing its prey, she took a deep breath and glanced around as she waited for the snake to settle.Then she noticed the cameras."Hey! What in the..."

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