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Original 1965 Ford Mustang Sales Brochure - For... 'LINK'

At MustangSpecs our mission is to provide as much Ford Mustang data, stats and general information as possible. We try our best to make sure our information is plentiful and free because we want to help Mustang fans around the world get the data they need quickly and easily in order to make informed buying decisions. One thing we get asked all the time is to share sales brochures for Ford Mustang models. We have seen many companies selling printed copies, but we decided to pull as many together as we could and offer them for free here on this page. We spent several weeks sourcing as many original sales brochures and catalogues as possible. These sales brochures that would have been available at your Ford dealers back in the day and even today you can get them if you ask (although most can just be downloaded today from the Ford archive websites). Back in the day these sales catalogues were used as a selling tool (pre-internet days of course) and over the years you can see that these brochures got nicer and more extravagant. You can expect to find features, options, equipment and other information on each year model. The marketing language is pretty fun too if that's your kind of thing.

Original 1965 Ford Mustang Sales Brochure - For...


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