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Dolphin Gamecube Wii Emulator 4.0 32bit _HOT_

as always, be sure to check out the changelog for more information about what has changed in dolphin 4.0. the full list of features can be found in the features in dolphin 4.0 wiki page. and finally, dolphin 4.0 will be available on github and the dolphin website.

Dolphin Gamecube Wii Emulator 4.0 32bit

while dolphin has become a cross-platform application, we don't view the wii as any more special than other systems. as long as wii builds continue to work on other platforms, we'll continue to support them!

in the future, we hope to make some of the features available on wii more widely available to other platforms as well. for example, the dolphin development team is currently working on the the wii's recent motionplus feature.

dolphin's development team continues to grow, and as a result, the team continues to find new and challenging ways to improve the project. since last year, new features have been added to the emulator, including sonic, mario, and mr. saturn.

there are a number of options for how to best support the wii. instead of developing for it independently and getting things to work on other platforms, we can simply focus on improving it. with the current wii development environment, the wii has the potential to be the best wii development platform. that's why we're working on the wii's very own dolphin core. we're currently in the process of porting dolphin to wii as we speak, and we hope to be able to start supporting wii with dolphin 3.0. with dolphin 4.0, the wii can be supported from day one!

i don't mind waiting for a future build with this as well (although, i would rather not) but make it one with the possibility of having all the distro's on one platform, as that would be the only reason for having portable 32-bit support. timesplitters: future perfect (a gamecube game) hangs on me on 3.5. no fault of portable, happens on regular builds. 3.0 doesn't require the 2010 distribs but still needs directx. i would like to be able to play that game anywhere and not all have needed directx versions.

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