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Angel Girl X 2 Swf

In medieval European folklore, a Succubus is the female variety of an Incubus, the word Incubus being Latin for nightmare. According to one legend, the Incubi and the Succubi were fallen angels. The ordinary phenomenon of nightmare, as the name imports, was associated with their belief. The Succubus is a female demon or evil spirit who visits men in their sleep to lie with them in ghostly sexual intercourse. The man who falls victim to a Succubus will not awaken, although may experience it in a dream. The very word Succubus is derived from the latin word Succuba meaning "strumpet" or "prostitute" (from the verb Succubare - "to lie under").

Angel girl x 2 swf

In the games, when it comes to Lilith being a part of Morrigan, many believe both accept each other as sharing the same soul or even being the same person. But the truth is that only Lilith recognizes that she even has some kind of relationship to Morrigan and views her as the individual who has the original body she spawned from. Once realizing her current body is only temporary, Lilith goes on the search to find her original body because she is afraid of dying and wants to survive more than anything. On Morrigan's end, she only recognizes Lilith as a complete stranger and refers to her as "that girl" and doesn't understand why she came to challenge her in the first place. When Lilith's body starts slowly disappearing, Morrigan mocks and laughs that as someone is about to challenge her she looks like she's fading away but still decides to fight her because she enjoys the thrill of it. After defeating Lilith in Morrigan's ending when Lilith explains that she "only wanted a body of her own to live in", Morrigan takes pity in Lilith and allows her to merge with her. This is not because Morrigan is now consciously aware of Lilith being a part of her, as seen in her ending when she talks about her as if she was a stranger, but because Morrigan was friendly enough to see what seemed like a dying entity need a place to survive in and their primitive instinct to sense each other allowed them to become closer. Morrigan after the fusion says that she feels new and different instead of that she feels more complete because Morrigan was never aware of her soul being incomplete in the first place so there's no reason for her to use that type of wording even if she can instinctively feel a more complete feeling.

In the early stages of development, Lilith was quite different from her current form. According to rumors, she was supposed to be called Genevieve; and was Morrigan's older sister at first and had the blood of angels mixed in her. She had angel wings on her head but this was always folded to hide them due to her being a Darkstalker. Physically, she looked like Morrigan. She was always picked on by Morrigan as a child. But this was cut because there were enough angel types in games. Her next design was much closer to the current Lilith, the only difference being that she was either a male or a hermaphrodite.

dfgsfs: #7well said: lain, akira, ghost in the shell -> oldschool transhuman/posthuman technology centered science fiction, mostly based or more or less realistic science (they do have non-scientific elements but the technology and society is mostly realistic)Texhnolyze or even Ergo proxy or Blame or Gunnm (battle angel aelita) would work as well though they are more of an alternative realityelfen lied -> fantasy gore with cute girls and a lot of emoness and little to no realistic science or worldbuildingsure it can be fun but no, it's still a totally different type of anime (June 1, 2009, 9:45 pm)

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