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Bright Eyes - At The Bottom Of Everything - 01 (lyrics In The Description) _TOP_

Coupled with this news comes a slew of new tour dates for fall. All dates below. Bright Eyes has partnered with PLUS1 so that $1 from every ticket sold goes to the PLUS1 x Noise For Now Reproductive Health Access fund supporting access to reproductive rights and services for all. Tickets on sale Friday, August 12th at 10am local time from

Bright Eyes - At the Bottom of Everything - 01 (lyrics in the description)

The first poster featured a lineup of the vinyl and cassette versions of the album (which for artwork had a blue fire-breathing dragon, later revealed to be Trash the Dragon), next to a television which featured Tyler and Josh with the top half of their heads replaced with a silhouette of a man and a dragon, respectively. The second poster featured the same album lineup, with Tyler, Josh, and a dragon in the center. Josh was measuring the length of the dragon's head while Tyler, on the left, jumped above him, seemingly out of the TV, while a pink and blue light emanated from behind the dragon to the back of his clothing. The third poster had the album lineup and TV display from the first poster, along with Tyler, Josh, and the dragon in the center once more. Tyler and Josh stood back to back while the dragon's body wrapped around them. The color schemes of the first two posters were bright pink, bright blue, and bright yellow, while the color scheme of the third poster was the same but noticeably more desaturated than the others. All posters were stamped with logos that read "Good Day Dema," "A Production of DMA ORG," and "FPE - Feature Performance Event." In all posters, neither Tyler nor Josh smiled or frowned, but they had consistently neutral expressions. In addition, the A1Z26 cipher 9.19 is located at the bottom of each poster, and can be decoded to "Clancy is dead". This is the same number pattern as the infraction code on 041b061a72

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